What are they, and why do people like them so much?

They’re like digital trading cards or pieces of art. People like them for the same reasons people like any trading card. They’re “nifty” and can have value. They work on crypto blockchains and can be pretty, cool, promotional, and/or straight up lame. Whether they’ll stick around or not, only time will tell, but in the meantime, we’re thrilled with them and will start with the WAX blockchain. It’s free to start and very inexpensive compared to ETH which can cost like $30-40 in “Gas Fees” to redeem a free NFT…. Lame!

In this page, we hope to provide a complete process of going from learning about NFTs and getting you started with a few free ones, to how to make your own. That should include actual art. BT! is about education and I think arts and crafts fits nicely into that category. That means learning making basic pictures, to animating, to 3D animating! All with free software or like what some junk and a camera phone can achieve.

Here’s our YouTube playlist covering NFTs

Getting started:

The first thing you’re going to need is somewhere to keep your NFTs. This is where a wallet comes in handy. Here’s the BT! one minute guide on how to set up a WAX wallet. You can always navigate over to The WAX cloud wallet website and just sign up too. You just need an email or social account to log in with.

From there, you’ll want your WAX wallet address so that you can receive NFTs. When logging into the site it should be on the right hand side on desktop. You’re looking for something that ends in “.wam”. One of the BT! WAX accounts is “nqab2.wam”. So a short string of characters(numbers/letters) and then “.wam”.

Now you’re ready to start collecting NFTs! Whooo!

Where to get NFTs:

(Coming Soon)

You want to make your own!?

See the external link below for now, but we’re working on a crayon muncher version that even MrNoSock can follow.

Other NFT resources: Another place to learn about NFTs A good article also explaining NFTs Make your own WAX NFTs! (WAX has a bunch of features and is inexpensive to start minting your own NFTs with) ETH NFTs are an arm and a leg just in “gas fees